Non-Exhaustive list of Potential Speech Topics

1.  “Gazing into the Crystal ball: The Outlook for the Economy”.  

What is the outlook for the economy over the next two years? Why
has the post-Great Recession recovery been so weak? How have the policies flowing out of Washington impacted the economy? What about the federal deficit? Should the focus be more on increases in
tax rates or reducing government spending? Is the relationship
between tax rates and tax revenues as simple as the general public believes? Why didn't Federal Reserve policies jump start the economy? What are the prospects for inflation and what is the connection
between inflation and prospects for interest rates?
Why is there reason for optimism over the longer haul?

2.  “The Energy Sector: Prospects for the Future”. 

In this speech we examine in detail the energy market. Why have
natural gas prices come down from double digit levels just a few
years ago? Why is there an "economic civil war" going on between producers and users of natural gas? What is the evidence on the
impact of "fracking" on water supplies? Why are billions being spent
to convert LNG import terminals into export terminals? What is the connection to the widening of the Panama Canal and the Japanese tsunami? How has this "fracking' technique impacted the supply of oil in the U.S.? Why is it that for the first time West Texas Intermediate
crude is selling well below other world prices? Where is activity in
the Gulf of Mexico since the BP spill? How does the deep water pipeline grid affect the U.S. barge and shipbuilding industry? Why is the confidence range around any oil price forecast so wide? What is the Bakken Play and how important is it to energy independence in
the U.S.? How can we reasonably assess "green" energy activities
such as wind and solar?

       Speeches 1 and 2 can be combined.

3.  “Regional economic Outlooks”. 

Dr. Scott keeps up with several state economies in the South
including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and parts of Texas and can provide forecasts and overviews of the economies
of these states.


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