Loren C. Scott & Associates staff can address a wide range of policy  issues. Recent studies include whether Mississippi should adopt a horizontal tax exemption, the impact of Entergy Corporation "hardening" its assets in the Houma area, the impact of Cleco Corporation closing its coal-fired power plants and building new gas-fired plants, and the construction of a model used for determining judicial compensation in Louisiana. The firm also provides expert witness testimony in various types of lawsuits. Dr. Scott was the lead economist for BP in its case involving the establishment of finds for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Sample Reports Adobe Acrobat
Economics Benefits of Providing Incentives to drill in the Mississippi Tuscaloosa Marine Shale

Direct and Indirect Costs of Conversion to Reformulated Gasoline in 5-Parish Baton Rouge Region

The Economic Impact of a new racetrack on horse racing in Louisiana

The Economic Impact Of The Horizontal Well Severance Tax Investment Incentive

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